Strangest Hotel Complaints from Around the World
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Strangest Hotel Complaints from Around the World

Everybody knows that you cannot please everybody – it’s simply impossible. No matter what you do or how hard you try, you cannot make everybody happy, that’s just a fact. Running one of the busiest cheap hotels in Manchester we know this. However, sometimes people complain about the oddest things and we thought we’d dedicate this blog to the strangest hotel complaints from around the world.

Skyscanner conducted research into the world of crazy complaints, and guest requests, asking hotel staff across 49 countries, finding some truly baffling results. Here are the ten oddest complaints hotels across the world have received:

  1. The sheets are too white
  2. The sea is too blue
  3. Ice cream is too cold
  4. Bath is too big
  5. Girlfriend’s snoring has kept guest awake
  6. Guest’s dog did not enjoy its stay
  7. Hotel has no ocean view (in London)
  8. There is no steak on the vegetarian menu
  9. Waiter is too handsome
  10. Mother of groom has not been given the honeymoon suite

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Should we be offended we’ve never received a complaint about our staff being too handsome? Coupled with the crazy complaints was a list of the most outlandish requests from guests, can you say diva?

  1. One glass of water on the hour every hour, through the night
  2. 15 cucumbers a day
  3. Toilet to be filled with mineral water
  4. Bath filled with honey
  5. Sound of goat bells to aid sleep
  6. Only the right legs of a chicken to be served
  7. A dead mouse
  8. Bath full of chocolate milk
  9. 16 pillows (for a single guest)
  10. Crocodile soup

cheap hotels in Manchester

For the life of us we can only imagine the guest that wanted a dead mouse has some sort of pet snake. We hope that’s the reason anyway! Running one of the busiest cheap hotels in Manchester we’ve found that you’re never going to please everyone, but we always do our best and thank god we’ve never had some mental complaints!



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