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If you book into a hotel today, you’re sure of a big surprise…

We’ve been running one of the best cheap hotels in Manchester for a number of years now and we thought we’d seen it all. However, a hotel worker on the Reddit website recently asked users to submit the weirdest things that had been found in hotel workers. As you can imagine, the post got an enormous amount of responses and things did get very weird indeed. We had a look at some of the replies and picked out the most outlandish and frankly, we were petty shocked…

A Bed & Breakfast owner revealed that he once found an old tattered notebook that detailed the author’s love of salad. Pages and pages filled with salad love! There was also an indication that the author in parts thought that salad was alive in some way.


Not content with just leaving a blow up doll behind after his stay, one gentleman actually hid his under the mattress and requested the same room when he booked with the hotel – every week. Talk buy real where to buy zolpidem https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-xanax-online/ tartrate online viagra online usa about getting your money’s worth!

One hotel room was filled with a bunch of cats, a $100 bill and a note thanking the hotel for looking after them.


A hotel worker once found $20,000 on the table, in a brown paper bag. The door was wide open and the guest was nowhere in sight.


I bet it will come as no surprise to anyone that this was the result of a stag do!


Not anything strange left in this particular case, but a hotel worker claims a pretty famous band stayed in the luxury hotel they work at and nailed all the furniture to the ceiling! It’s like something straight out of The Twits.

The occupants had decided to cover the entire bathroom floor in mayonnaise. Bet housekeeping was thrilled…


Luckily here at The Mitre we haven’t had anything this wacky, but there’s still time yet! Why don’t you book into one of the most popular cheap hotels in Manchester and see what you can find?

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