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How Hotels Keep You Safe

Here at The Mitre, safety is our number one priority and we want our guests to feel like they can relax when they decide to spend the night in our establishment. With this said, it can be hard to feel secure when you don’t know what measures have been implemented to guarantee your safety. Here are a few ways that hotels work hard in order to keep you safe…

Strict Key System

Many hotels have switched over from the old fashion lock and key system and opted for the more secure key card method of locking the doors to rooms. This is incredibly beneficial as the key cards can be used to refuse or grant access to the elevators and stairwells that lead to the rooms in the first place, creating another level of security that intruders must get past. Plus, only the card holder, housekeeping staff and front desk staff have access to the room at all times however the latter two are not allowed to access the room without permission.

Guest ID Confirmation

Some establishments, particularly classy ones, have an extremely strict ID confirmation system in place where they require the guest on the booking to bring along a form of ID in order to ensure how to buy viagra without prescription that room key is handed to the correct person. This is also handy to match up to any card details to ensure that the guests are using a valid credit or debit card. After all, you would be surprised how often guests give away or sell the room they have booked without informing the hotel.


Whilst smaller hotels do not tend to have security staff on the front of the hotel to keep an eye on things, it doesn’t mean that they won’t put other measures into practice. For example, the majority of hotels have CCTV installed in order to ID every person who enters the building and make sure that no antisocial behaviour is taking place throughout the establishment. This is very helpful as it often deters crime too.

When it comes to keeping our guests safe and secure, the team here at The Mitre leave no stone unturned. After all, being able to relax and feel comfortable is an important part of the hotel experience. To stay at the safest hotel in Manchester, get in contact with a member of The Mitre team today!

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