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Hotel Star Rating Explained

Sometimes finding the perfect hotel to stay over in is difficult. From the location to the choice of on-sight activities, we usually require a lot of boxes to be ticked before we actually book a room. In fact, even the star ratings a hotel receives can be confusing and although they don’t technically negate how good or bad a hotel is, the rating a hotel has received helps show what kind of services are on offer at each place. Here is our explanation of the hotel star rating system…

One Star

This star rating is awarded to hotels that are generally small to medium in size which offer consistent quality amenities. One star hotels are located within a convenient location to reasonably priced attractions and provide facilities such as telephones and TV’s- however room service is not an option.

Two Star

Often awarded to a 2-4 story high hotel that is located within a reasonable distance of attractions and public transport. The facilities in a two star hotel are very basic but clean. A restaurant is usually provided on site- however low priced dining options are within walking distance.

Three Star

With reasonably decorated lobbies, the rooms in a three star hotel tend to be more spacious. Located near higher priced attractions, a medium sized restaurant with breakfast and dinner service is often found on sight where can i buy over the counter viagra too. Room service is not guaranteed- however many three star hotels do provide it, as well as pools and fitness centres.

Four Star

A large hotel with bellhop service and a front desk area usually qualifies for a four star rating. Located around major attractions, the rooms are well furnished with above average service. The dining options often have more than one choice and room service is in operation for most working hours. A valet service is provided, as well as pool and fitness facilities.

Five Star

A five star hotel only offers the highest level of service. The hotel lobbies are grand and the rooms are furnished with the best linens. Room amenities in a five star hotel include heated pools, en-suites, spacious rooms and more. These hotels will include at least three restaurant and dining options as well as having 24 hour room service. A concierge will assist your needs and a top of the range fitness centre is provided, as well as valet parking.

Here at The Mitre, we have a range of different rooms and activities too! From our Luxury Suite to our hotel bars, The Mitre offers everything you could possibly want from the cheapest hotel in Manchester city centre! Get in contact with a member of the team to find out more information today!

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