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If You Go Down To The Woods Today….

“If you go down to the woods today,
You’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to the woods today,
You’d better go in disguise.”

Hansel and Gretel is a rather dark and twisted narrative which has captivated children for over two hundred years. Written by the highly-revered Brothers Grimm; this enticing story tells of a brother and sister being captured by a less-than-friendly witch, whose main desire is to fatten them up so they are ready for the oven. Old school fairy tales are still as popular nowadays as they ever have been as they are relevant and interesting and always have an underlying message to convey. The moral of this particular account is never to trust strangers, even if their house is built entirely of sweets and chocolate. The central characters, namely a brother and sister who are abandoned in the woods by their evil stepmother, have fallen into an extremely dangerous trap when they encounter an initially charming crone as her intentions are not as innocent as they seem. Feeding eager children tonnes and tonnes of tasty treats would lead to suspicion if their parents caught wind of what she was doing, but as they are completely alone and unable to fend for themselves the results could be catastrophic. It does not all end in tears; however, these lucky souls have a narrow escape and leave the house miraculously unscathed. Gretel instead pushes the wicked witch into the oven once she sees what she is up to and they are eventually rescued by a gallant swan that ferries them across the water and takes them back to their do i need a prescription to buy viagra buy klonopin buy ambien https://www.thecourtyardclinic.co.uk/buy-cialis-tadalafil-online-uk/ canada online from walgreens worried father.

If you want to be enraptured and entranced by this compelling and somewhat sinister story on the stage then why not go along to the Library Theatre on the 9th or 10th August and witness the spectacle unfold before your very eyes? This lovely little auditorium is comfortable and atmospheric, so you will be drawn into the debacle whilst feeling snug and relaxed at the same time. Accommodation in Manchester City Centre has been sorted out weeks ago as you have chosen to go with your friends’ recommendations and plump for accommodation in Manchester City Centre which has been described as ‘absolutely fabulous’ and ‘a real treat’. Normally you would be straight on comparison websites looking for top of the range hotels in Manchester City Centre but as your pals are seasoned travellers they are pretty dependable, so you will go with your gut feeling this time.

Well; we promise that you will not be disappointed as we are such a quaint and quirky guesthouse and are also one of the only hotels in Manchester City Centre which proudly retains its period charms whilst having a modern, contemporary feel due to the attractive and stylish decor. You do not want to stay in a gaudy, garish guesthouse as too much glitz and glamour can look rather tacky (see Katie Price and Jodie Marsh as points of reference), so our traditional building is an ideal alternative. If you want to make a booking or have any other enquiries then just give The Mitre Hotel a call on 0161 834 4128 and we will discuss things in more depth.

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