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Everyone enjoys a tipple or two (or three, or four, or five) and we all have our preferred beverage of choice. Maybe you are overly fond of Margaritas, Mojitos and Manhattans or perhaps favour the fruitiness of a Cosmopolitan, Woo Woo or Sex on the Beach. Real ale advocates are still plentiful in Britain, and there are countless pubs which pride themselves on serving the perfect pint. In Yorkshire, it is known for customers to ask for the smallest head possible; whilst London-dwellers insist on a creamy top that makes up almost a fifth of the tankard. Ale is a strange thing when you think about it; as how can something composed of four main ingredients (namely malted barley, yeast, hops and water) be so diverse? Stouts, porters and IPAs can all be produced using these simple elements and you can add fruit or wheat if you so wish to give them another dimension and heightened depth of flavour. If you look after your ale properly and leave it to ferment for long enough then you will be delighted with the result. Publicans need to keep their lines clean at all times and tap and vent ales with the greatest care and attention to prevent them from becoming undrinkable and cloudy.

From Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th September the Museum of Science and Industry will be full to the brim buy viagra in philippines with ale aficionados as the 3rd MOSI Real Ale and Cider Festival will be in full swing. Those that love perries and Scrumpy will not be disappointed as there will be a whole host of apple and pear-based beverages for you to sample as well as a widespread assortment of wheat beers and foreign lagers. Open in the evening on Thursday and Friday and from 12 noon on Sunday; this celebration of all things beer and cider-related is going to be a sure-fire winner!

If you need something tasty to soak up all that booze then why not dine at one of the finest restaurants in Manchester City Centre right here at The Mitre Hotel? Inexpensive restaurants in Manchester City Centre which serve haute cuisine are almost unheard of; but the Gastro has a brand spanking new menu which is certain to please the palate and tickle the taste buds. This beautiful and comfortable eatery is just one of the features which sets us apart from more standard, basic hotels in Manchester City Centre as you can dine happily in stunning surroundings and not have to worry about maxing out your overdraft when the bill arrives. To find out more about why we are so different to other hotels in Manchester City Centre then just give The Mitre Hotel a call on 0161 834 4128.

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