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What To Do When You’re Too Early to Check-In

Checking into your hotel can be the worst part of an entire break or holiday. After all, the staff tend to be nowhere to be seen, your suitcase ends up losing a wheel and the kids are screaming in the lobby because they are tired. In fact, if you are early for your check in this nightmare only gets worse! Luckily the team here at The Mitre have decided to go over a few ways you can fill the time when you have to wait for check-in…

Get Some Grub

There is no better way to kill a few hours than to visit a nearby restaurant and grab something to eat. In fact, many hotels have a baggage service that allows you to leave your suitcases behind for several hour at a very small cost which makes sightseeing in the area and sitting inside a busy establishment much easier.

Bring a Book

Many high end hotels have a lobby area which means that it is perfectly acceptable to get out a good book and do some light reading whilst you wait for your check-in time. In fact, sometimes the hotel will allow you to check-in a little earlier if the room becomes available and since you are waiting in the lobby it is easy to let you know about this change.

Request an Early Check-In

Sometimes arriving earlier than your check-in time is not accidental due to flights and other aspects beyond your control but luckily a lot of hotels tend to offer an early check-in option. This can be requested during the booking phase and for a small fee the establishment will organise events so that your room is available earlier than usual which can significantly reduce your waiting time.

Here at The Mitre we want to make sure that your visit is as stress free as it can possibly be which is why we work hard in order to ensure that checking-in runs efficiently and smoothly. By preparing in advance with a good book or seeing the local area before you get the keys to your room, there is no reason why your first stay at the best hotel in Manchester will be your last!

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