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Top Three Hotel Paranoias

For some people staying in a hotel is the stuff nightmares are made off because they cannot separate fact from fiction. After all, it only takes one bad story to put you off trying something ever again. Luckily the team here at The Mitre are experts when it comes to putting guest paranoias to bed which is why we have decided to go over the top three…

What if the housekeeping staff look through my belongings?

Housekeeping staff are hired in order to clean and refresh rooms within an establishment which means that they will be far too busy to spend time judging you for the items you have left laying around in your room. Plus, the staff are not permitted to touch any guest belongings unless it is necessary when remaking the bed and placing fresh towels.

What if the doors aren’t really locked?

If you have ever tried to enter a hotel room with your key card the wrong way around then you will know that anyone without permission will not be allowed to step foot inside your room for the duration of your stay. In fact, the only people who enter your room when you aren’t there is the housekeeping staff as the front desk will only use their spare key during emergencies in order to give guests as much privacy as possible.

What if the room is fitted with secret cameras?

By law is illegal to have surveillance cameras fitted inside hotel rooms as they invade the privacy of members of the public. With this said, hotels do have CCTV fitted in the lobby, on stairwells and in the hallways so whilst the risk of being secretly filmed inside the room is second to none, whoever enters and leaves a particular room will be caught on camera in order to keep a hotel safe.

Here at The Mitre we want every single one of our guests to feel as comfortable as possible when they spend a night at our establishment which is why we encourage you to share your worries and woes with us. As the best hotel in Manchester, we are sure we can provide you with some peace of mind! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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