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Technology and Hotel Front Desks

In an age where smartphones are the norm, it is not unrealistic to suggest that technology could overtake the old fashioned front desk that hotels are known and loved for. In fact, the team here at The Mitre believe that the front desk is so threatened by the rise in technology over the past decade that we have decided to look deeper into the topic…

Guest Interactions

Many people argue that replacing front of house staff in hotels with technology will reduce the amount of interactions that guests are able to have with members of staff and remove their main point of call if any issues were to arise. After all, a tablet can easily help guests check in however they will struggle to help provide any extra pillows without a member of staff. On the other hand, the Hilton hotel has stated that technology is integral to improving the experience that guests have during their stay and has even said that it gives them more time to focus on meaningful guest interactions.

The Changes

The implementation of technology on front desks has changed over the years. At first computer systems replaced paper however the use of technology was still fairly simple. With the introduction of smartphones over the past decade however some hotels have started introducing tablets that allow guests to check in by themselves without the need for a member of staff as assistance. Of course, this raises a number of questions about how guests get their key cards after this process however a possibly solution could be due to the fact that some establishments have begun introducing a smartphone key card, another possible technological advancement of the mainstream future.

Here at The Mitre we understand how important technology is to the hotel industry. After all, it allows us to advertise our services and most importantly ensure that our guests get the best nights sleep possible! Do you think technology will replace the front of house hotel staff? Get in contact with the best hotel in Manchester today and let us know your opinion!

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