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Leaving Things Behind at a Hotel

There are two kinds of people who stay at hotels; those who pack the night before to ensure that they don’t leave anything behind and those who throw everything into their suitcase 30 minutes before checkout in a panicked rush. Regardless of which category you fall into, every now and then you are going to misplace an item or two. Of course, this begs the question of what actually happens when belongings are left behind in a hotel room. In this blog, the team here at The Mitre have decided to reveal all…


Most hotels have a storage room that is dedicated to keeping items that have been left behind by guests for a set time frame. This usually varies between two months and six months and includes all electrical goods and other items that may be of value like passports, money and bank information. The items tend to be sealed with information like the room number, the date they were found and the name of the guest that staying in the room at the time printed clearly.

What You Can Do

Since hotels often have a storage system in place it is possible to get in contact with the hotel in order to locate your misplaced belongings. Of course, the quicker you do this the more likely you are to be reunited with the items. In some cases, the establishments may get in contact with you first as the housekeeping staff will report the items that have been left behind to the member of staff in charge.

Every hotel is different which means that the misplaced belongings policy can differ from establishment to establishment. With this said, many keep them locked away for a set amount of time in case guests get back in contact to reclaim their items, which is always a valuable quality for a hotel to have. To book in a room at The Mitre, get in contact with the best hotel in Manchester today!

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