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Why Kid Friendly Hotels are Important

Travelling with children can be a full time job, especially if the kids outnumber the adults! In fact, this nightmare turned reality only gets worse when you try to book a weekend away only to find that none of the establishments will accept children under a certain age. Here at The Mitre we believe that all guests should be welcome at a hotel which is why we have decided to use this blog to go over a few reasons why kid friendly hotels are so important…

Important Interactions

Hotels that are catered towards children allow kids of all ages and backgrounds to interact with one another and create meaningful relationships that they can’t get anywhere else. After all, the atmosphere and situation is relaxed without the pressure of learning environments. Hotels that only allow children under certain circumstances only make the parents job much harder and also diminish the opportunity for children to learn through interactions.


There are many hotels that are actually built around the idea of entertaining children during the day and evening. Take Butlins and Centre Parks for example. With this said, even hotels that target adults can make children a part of the package deal by offering parents a childcare services at certain times of the day. This way the children remain occupied and the adults can relax for a few hours!

Keeping families together

If all hotels were to turn away young children because they might disrupt other paying customers then families would never be able to go on holiday! After all, the average family that has more than one child often has them during the same decade which means that the children are young for many years. If grandchildren are factored into this then the entire hotel industry would lose revenue to an unsustainable rule. It is in the best interest of the hotel to brand themselves as child-friendly.

Here at The Mitre we understand that keeping children occupied on a holiday or short break away can be difficult however child friendly hotel establishments can make all the difference! Luckily, many establishments stock cots and travel beds for parents who are travelling with children! To book in a room at The Mitre, get in contact with the best hotel in Manchester today!

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