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Why Hotels Leave Chocolate On Your Pillow

If you have ever wondered why certain establishments will have the housekeeping staff leave behind a mint chocolate treat on your pillow in preparation for your arrival then you are in the right place because the team here at The Mitre are about to reveal all! In fact, aside from its use as a polite and welcoming gesture, the chocolate on the pillow tradition hasn’t been around all that long. Read on to find out more…

The trend started during the 50’s when an actor called Cary Grant was staying in at the Mayfair Hotel. Mr Grant was a well-known and frequent visitor to the establishment, often with a mistress on his arm. The stories goes that a woman he was seeing at the time, despite being married to a fellow actress, arrived at the hotel to find that Grant had asked the housekeeping staff to lay out a trail of chocolate across the room as a kind of breadcrumb trail. Of course, he had also had them laid them across the pillows!

The manager supposedly caught wind of the chocolate trail and liked the idea so much that he decided to make a sweet treat on the pillow a regular thing for every new guest. Whilst the Mayfair Hotel abandoned the tradition they started almost 70 years ago for a few years before being sold, rebought and renamed, many other hotels have since adopted the technique in order to outstand guests and kick off their stay in the best way possible.

Here at The Mitre we are all about making sure our guests enjoy their stay with us and the chocolate on the pillow is one of our favourite stories! In fact, it is quite interesting to learn how it all began. After all, comfort and relaxation may be our top priority but it hard to beat a good tradition! To book in your own room, get in contact with the cheapest hotel in Manchester today!

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