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Budget Hotels vs Luxury Hotels

It is no secret that travelling comes with its fair share of expenses. After all, hotels are not exactly the most wallet friendly aspect of booking a weekend away. Due to this, many people tend to opt for a budget hotel in order to save a few pounds here and there whereas others prefer to splash out for the luxury of a high end establishment. But which one is better? Read on to find out everything you need to know…

Budget Hotels

Aimed at those who have a certain amount of money set aside for each part of their holiday, a budget hotel offers all of the basic facilities that you would find in a five star hotel without any of the luxury. After all, budget hotels may be small and cheap but they provide every necessity that a person needs to have a safe, clean and peaceful nights sleep. A budget hotel is also preferable for those who are travelling and do not require a lavish place to stay before they move on again.

Luxury Hotels

On the other hand, a luxury hotel has everything you could possibly need and more. In fact, some say that high end hotels potentially over-do it sometimes by providing things that are not required by those who are only staying for a short duration. With this said, in a luxury hotel guests are provided with spacious rooms, a refrigerator, bar and gym facilities and even a swimming pool however they may charge extra to use them which can make guests feel cheated.

Here at The Mitre we believe that the type of hotel that guests choose to stay in is purely down to preference. After all, whilst some prefer the luxury and additional benefits of a five star hotel, others do not require an oversized room because they are travelling alone so prefer to stay in a budget hotel. To book in a room at The Mitre, get in contact with the best hotel in Manchester today! With our onsite bar and restaurant facilities, we are certain that you will have the best stay of your life!

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